The LIII Group Advantage: Building Value and Equity Into Every Project

Every prospective homeowner looking for an architecturally designed dwelling needs to know that the firm they select has integrity, experience and ingenuity, and will excel at every phase of design, construction and completion. With LIII Group, you’re not just hiring a firm; you’re partnering with an expert team of architectural design, siting, zoning, permitting, building, landscaping and property management professionals. With over two decades of experience in the region — satisfying the desires of the most demanding clients and the most challenging projects — we hold ourselves to the highest standards. A satisfied client is our greatest reward.

We fully realize that building a home is a considerable investment. That’s why we concentrate on building equity into every project. Your home is more than a dwelling; it is an important part of your ownership portfolio. Economies rise and fall. We’re cognizant of this fact. Our vertically integrated structure works to ensure that your home retains its value over the years, or increases in value, even in lean economic climates. It’s a testament to your good taste, and to our dedication to exemplary client service.

At the helm of LIII Group is award-winning building professional Lawrence Citarelli, who enjoys a stellar reputation throughout the region and beyond for his innovative team approach to unique architectural design and construction, creative building expertise, exceptional customer service, and admirable sustainable practices.

From concept to completion, our team of experienced architects, designers, and property management professionals exceeds every expectation in satisfying the needs of clients, ensuring that the home they envisioned becomes a stunning reality. Nothing less than perfect will suffice. That’s how we work at LIII Group, and why we engender respect among our clients and industry peers, for which we are extremely humbled.

As a turnkey provider of architecturally designed luxury homes, at LIII Group our services are vast and varied, encompassing every aspect of the design, planning, zoning, siting, permitting, construction and completion processes. Here’s a sampling of the multiple services we provide to our valued clients:


At LIII Group, we provide a comprehensive zoning report that assesses the development rights and limitations of a property according to local zoning regulations. We perform due diligence to ensure that the project we design can be comfortably accommodated on the property. With our experience in developing properties of all types, sizes and locations, we can ensure that your land is compliant with all aspects of the proposed building project — and that all permits are in place before construction begins.


At LIII Group, transparency is the key to exceptional pre-construction planning. When it comes to every design and build project, we pride ourselves on being proactive, with the free exchange of information throughout the entire process. As such, we take the pre-construction planning phase seriously. We work with the client to ensure that their desires are met and that their property can comfortably accommodate the project at hand. From engineering, cost-estimating and scheduling to construction phasing, design review and input from contractors, our professionals ensure that all pre-construction efforts are complete before the ground is broken. Transparency is always at the forefront in preparing for and executing every residential design and construction project.


Architecture is the inspiring blend of artistry, science and imagination. From the seeds of an idea, a concept is born. At LIII Group, our goal is to bring simple elegance to every design — ensuring that the finished product is a timeless tribute to our clients, and to our dedication to excellence.

Our architects are brilliant visionary craftspeople who design dwellings based upon clients’ lifestyles, desires and personal objectives. Our architects and designers study the property and space allotted, consider clients’ prerogatives, and create a dwelling that reflects their tastes and aspirations. We work with engineers, surveyors, land use professionals and ultimately contractors to bring ideas to life. Our architects and designers incorporate everything from building materials to landscaping to achieve an impeccable balance of beauty and functionality, inside and out. The result is nothing short of a masterpiece — one created specifically for the individual client. Again, it’s teamwork that makes the simple elegance of our timeless designs possible.

Green Building

At LIII Group, we’re not only environmentally conscious; we ensure that should a client request it, their project is completed consistently with the latest Green Building technology for a considerably reduced carbon footprint. Such endeavors are LEED Certified, whereby we incorporate Green strategies from project planning to completion. From sustainable materials and landscaping flora to strict adherence to federal, state, county and local environmental standards and safeguards, we go the extra mile to be eco-friendly. It’s our mindful intent to preserve the natural environment, use smart building techniques and materials, and maintain a healthy respect for the natural surroundings. This way, everyone wins, including Mother Nature.

Our additional services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Interior Design
  • Comprehensive Estimating/Cost Control
  • Value Engineering
  • General Construction
  • Construction Management
  • True Project Management & Accounting
  • Permit Expediting
  • Landscape Design
  • Home Technology/Automation
  • Sustainable construction
  • Eco-friendly Planning, Design and Construction
  • ADA Accessibility