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With an unparalleled business model, LIII Group, led by Congressional award-winning builder, developer, and realtor, Lawrence Citarelli, offers today’s fast-paced clientele streamlined, practical solutions to everything real estate. The company’s decades of experience with custom construction, superior service, and vast sphere of influence afford assurance at all levels in the exciting journey of home-buying and building. We are proud to provide our clientele with comprehensive local and global real estate services, in-depth knowledge, quantifiable savings, value-add solutions, and exceptional quality. 

First Hampton International Realty is a luxury real estate brokerage featuring the finest homes in The Hamptons and distinctive properties in areas beyond the shores of Long Island. Our vast local and multinational network presents a world of opportunity to buyers and sellers, with representation in over 180 markets worldwide and a host of strategic alliances that include; legal representation, insurance, title/escrow, mortgage financing, and private jet/concierge lifestyle services. 

Custom Island Homes is a multi-award-winning Design and Construction firm recognized for cutting-edge creativity, innovation, sustainable practices, and top-tier service. Our business model affords impeccable quality controls, craftsmanship, and superior customer service. Some of our unsurpassed services include; preliminary planning, zoning analysis, site development, permit expediting, comprehensive estimating, value engineering, detailed scheduling, and project management. With our expertise in design, development, and construction, Lawrence III Corporation affords all projects increased margins through competitive pricing, rapid completion times, and steadfast ability to stay within budgetary guidelines.

L3 Group, LIII Group, Builder, Construction, Hamptons, Broker, General ContractorLawrence Citarelli is a former finance/economics executive of 14 years and possesses over 25 years of success in real estate investment and development experience. Learn more about his experiences here and contact us below for more information!